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Wells and French 15 Ton Wooden Ore Car
Ready to Run with Trucks and Couplers
ade with Kadee Quality Products

This car was a catalog design from this famous Chicago based builder of rolling stock, used by the Q&TL, with similar cars found on the EBT, and across the C&NW narrow gauge system.  Any where there was ore, stone, or coal these bottom dumping cars could be found in service.

Our model is based on surviving cars of the Quincy and Torch Lake Railroad in Hancock, Mi.  Cars of this type were not restricted to the Keweenaw, and could be found all over in any ore or coal service.  Our model shows the car with ratcheting door releases, but without airbrakes.  This product features Kadee® Quality Products wheelsets and couplers.  The couplers are mounted on a shim which allows easy conversion to the On3 Coupler height if desired.  The car's coupled length of 24 feet was designed to line up with the standard hatch spacing still in use on Great Lakes freighters.

Nothing looks more purposeful than a string of ore cars rolling behind a locomotive heading to or away from a mine shaft.  The bottom dumping nature of this car means no more shoveling for your O scale employee’s!

This car measures 5.925 Inches long, 1.830 Inches wide, and 1.872 Inches to the top of the brakeman's platform.  Its Tare Weight is 3 ounces.

15 Ton Ore Cars
$ 39.95 Per Car
$109.95 Mine Turn Pack, Three Cars
$209.95 Pike Builer Pack, Six Cars