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GE 23 Ton Box Cab Kit

First in the Prairie Locomotive Works line of kits for existing mechanisms is the GE 23 Ton, which is offered in both standard O and On30 Gauge versions.  Powered by a 150 HP Cummings engine, these locomotives were built in both standard and 3 foot gauge for largely non railroad customers.  Slightly larger than the 20 ton models which proceeded them, only six were built, and only two in narrow gauge for Ash Grove Lime and Cement.  One of these later found its way to New Mexico to work on the Navajo Dam. 

Though few in actual numbers, most narrow gauge modelers recognize the locomotive as it was offered as a kit by Grandt Line in HO and HOn3.  Its fame amongst hobbyists came when Malcom Furlow added two of them to the roster of his San Juan Central, an HOn3 project railroad featured in both a series of articles in Model Railroader magazine and later as the book, HO Scale Narrow Gauge Railroad You Can Build.  The two yellow twins featured prominently in the photography, and operated as an MU’ed set permanently fixed together; the dummy holding a Dynatrol throttle for (what was at the time) advanced carrier control.

Featured in Print

This kit was the subject of a feature article in the 2018 On30 Annual a copy of which can be ordered here:

If you are unfamiliar with 3d Printed Materials, you may wish to download this kit’s instructions which can be found here:

O Scale Narrow Gauge Version

The parts for an O Scale Narrow Gauge version may be found here:

The kit was designed for On30, and uses the Bachmann On30 Closed Streetcar as a donor.  Please tell us what you choose for an On3 Version and we will help make the frame fit.

O Scale Standard Gauge Version

The parts for the Standard Gauge version are in the final development stage and will use a Northwest Shortline Magic Carpet drive for power.   Please keep an eye on this page, or email for details.